FastFerment Conical Kit
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So suddenly you get this idea, “Martha, I’m gunna throw away my plastic buckets and build myself a brew center”. So you go down to Home Depot and stand in the plumbing department and paw over the limitless possibilities. And you think to yourself “WTF does NPT and WOG mean?” Copper? Plastic? Brass? Nickel Plated?

You load up with a cart full of fittings and head home. Hack, cut, grind, solder, glue....crap! This ain’t working!                                                              Martha! I'm calling Hop Dawgs!!

The vast array of brewing harware and draft equipment listed in this section should help clear up your questions. If not then send us an email or gives us a call.

Most all our home brewing equipment is geared towards 1/2 inch. So that means threads are 1/2" NPT. Stainless Ball Valves are 1/2 port. Hose Barbs are 1/2", Silicone Hi-Temp Tubing is 1/2". (3/8" Tubing and barbs are also available). We also specialize in the difficult to find items such as Valves that fit into your coolers and complete ready to use Mash tuns. Most important is we carry quality brew pots. It's very important that you purchase a 'Quality' Brew Pot if you are going to get serious about the hobby. $100 pots may seem attractive to your wallet but it won't take long before you're wishing you had bought a better Brewing Pot!

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