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Monster Mill - MM-3Pro *PRE-ORDER*

Monster Mill - MM-3Pro *PRE-ORDER*
Monster Mill - MM-3Pro *PRE-ORDER* Monster Mill - MM-3Pro *PRE-ORDER* Monster Mill - MM-3Pro *PRE-ORDER*
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Introducing the largest in our line of 3-Roller Monster Mills, The MM3-Pro. This is a massive upgrade to our already excellent MM-3 mill meant to compete and win against the best home brew mills. The Pro model upgrades the rollers to 2" diameter, adds the billet aluminum knobs, as well as the 1/2" drive shaft as standard. We've taken the already great MM-3 mill, and added our new knob adjustment mechanism, AND 2" diameter rollers. You think to yourself that adding only 1/2" in diameter doesn't add that much, but I'm telling you that this mill is SUBSTANTIAL! More than you really, need, but exactly what you WANT. These rollers have girth, as well as length, 6" to be exact. With all the great features of our already popular MM-3, but super sized with 2" diameter rollers, and our new non-slip adjustment mechanism. The MM3-Pro crushes all your grain twice, with one pass through the mill. It starts with a preliminary crush through the initial fixed gap between the top two rollers, and then ends with a pass through the second gap between the drive roller, and the bottom third roller. The initial pass slightly flattens the grain, and gets it ready for the next crush, that breaks apart the grains and loosens the starch with minimal husk damage. 


The MM3-Pro consists of a 6061 aluminum block frame with three 6" long 2" diameter steel rollers riding on SAE 841 oil impregnated bronze bushings. We use a superior grade of steel that is much harder (1144 alloy) than what is found on most comparable products and should last almost twice as long. The drive shaft, and all the axles are integral to the roller rather than screwed into the ends. This makes it fine to drive the mill clockwise, or counter-clockwise. All the axles are 3/8", with minimal freeplay in the bushings. This mill is massive and comes standard with the 1/2" drive shaft for no extra charge. You will need some POWER to turn this mill. Suitable for a small micro, and great for the home brewer that wants the best, the MM3-Pro is our flagship model, the best of the best. 


One knurled steel roller is driven by a standard electric drill (not included) to feed the grain through the initial fixed gap of approximately .060", and then through the adjustable secondary gap and crush the grist. Both ends of the non-driven top idler roller ride in bronze bushings that are pressed into the frames, while the second idler roller rides in bushings that are offset mounted in an adjustable knob. The billet knob is held in a fixed position by a black oxide bolt you can loosen to adjust the mill. This system provides an adjustment range of .065". Our new design knobs are milled from solid 6061 aluminum barstock for excellent durability. The flange has two semi-circular slots that allow you to attach the knob positively to the face of the aluminum frame. They have 12 sides for a positive grip.


If you don't purchase our base and hopper, you will need to fabricate one to feed the grist through the mill. The mill can be mounted above or below the base and attached using the included mounting bolts. You'll also need a high quality corded drill to drive this beast. We recommend a 1/2" drive Dewalt or comparable drill. Please note that the larger shaft will require the larger 1/2" drive drill, as the more common 3/8" chuck won't accommodate the larger shaft. 


There are three roller material options available for the larger 2" mills. They come standard with 1144 alloy steel, which offers fantastic wear for home brewers. Plain steel mills kept indoors, and used regularly won't have rust issues. Non climate controlled areas, or minimal usage could see some corrosion come up that is easily removed with a wire brush. We recommend our HEAT TREATED steel for all COMMERCIAL applications.  We DO NOT recommend our standard steel OR our 303 stainless steel rollers for ANY commercial application. As an upgrade to 1144 steel we offer 303 Stainless Steel. It will wear just about the same as our 1144 steel, but will not rust. The last option is for our 1144 steel rollers that have been heat treated/hardened. The regular 1144 alloy rollers are heat treated to approximately 51-54 Rockwell C hardness. This upgrade is what you want for any mill used in a commercial environment. Brew shops, breweries, and only extremely prolific home brewers with tons of drinking buddies need to look at this option.



·        6" Long Adjustable Gap

·        fully adjustable mill

·        three six-inch steel rollers form two gaps, a preliminary fixed gap of approx .060", and a fully adjustable secondary gap

·        dual eccentric adjusters: 0 to .065" secondary gap - milled from solid 6061 billet aluminum

·        3 x 6" long, 2" diameter 1144 alloy steel rollers

·        drill-drive - CW, OR CCW

·        13 lbs/minute throughput

·        alloy frame

·        SAE 841 oil impregnated bronze bushings

·        2" diameter 1144 steel alloy rollers

·        1/2" integral drive shaft standard w/3 flats for drill driving, 2" long outside frame

·        3/8" integral axles

·        1144 alloy steel rollers standard

·        303 stainless steel roller material upgrade available

·        Heat treated/hardened 1144 alloy steel roller upgrade available


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