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Mash Tun 10 Gallon

Mash Tun 10 Gallon
Mash Tun 10 Gallon
Product Code: Mash Tun 10 Gallon
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Ready to use Mush Tun. Eliminate all the trips down to the big orange hardware store. These coolers work very well as mash tuns, as you'll notice barely any temperature loss throughout your 1hr+ mash. Internal dimensions are 18.375"H x 12.875"D. External dimensions are 20.875"H x 15.875"D with lid on. Comes with the modified ball valve and 12 inch stainless false bottom. The barb size on the output is 1/2".  May not be exactly as shown.  Cooler brand may be Igloo or Rubbermaid depending on availability.

Cheaper ones can be had that come with a bazooka screen instead of a false bottom but they don't work as well as ours!

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