Blichmann Conical Fermentor 14.5 Gallon Tri-Clamps *SPECIAL ORDER ONLY*

Blichmann Conical Fermentor 14.5 Gallon Tri-Clamps *SPECIAL ORDER ONLY*
Blichmann Conical Fermentor 14.5 Gallon Tri-Clamps *SPECIAL ORDER ONLY*
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Fermenator Features 
100% Stainless Steel Everything that touches your beer is heavy gauge stainless steel or FDA approved silicone. No need to worry about what options to buy…it’s all standard equipment!!  
Easy to clean weld-free fittings All fittings used for the bottom dump and rotating racking arm are stainless steel high quality industrial fittings, not make shift hardware store parts and pipe fittings. And unlike welded fittings, ours can be removed for easy sanitizing by sanitizer, boiling or autoclaving. And our competitor's welded-in fittings can't be replaced if they get accidentally damaged or wear out! And since our fittings can be removed from the tank they are even easier to keep clean! 
The weld-free fittings allow you to orient the dump valve in any position you want, not where it happens to end up when tightening a welded fitting....such as facing the rear of the refrigerator! 
Rotating Racking Arm The rotating racking arm is standard equipment! Just like the Craft Brewers huge conical fermentors. This feature allows you to start your siphon with the racking arm horizontal, and rotate it slowly downward until you just start picking up yeast sediment. Clearly the best and only way to siphon clear beer! And using the racking arm prevents wasting any beer or carrying sediment into your kegs which happens if you use the bottom dump to rack the beer. This exclusive design utilizes stainless flare fittings which can’t hide bacteria like compression fittings can. And the valve handle shows yo the position of the racking arm at all times. 
Pressure Capable Stainless Lid Just like the big breweries, use CO2 pressure to pump your finished beer up to 6ft above your fermenter to your kegs. Eliminates the need for elevating the fermentor above the kegs or bottling bucket. Ideal for chest freezers. Not intended for carbonation. 
Folding Handles -fold neatly away when not in use and stay connected to the unit at all times!

To view the complete story follow this link to Blichmann Engineering http://blichmannengineering.com/fermentor/fermentor.html#

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