Draft Starter Kit (Single tap)

Draft Starter Kit (Single tap)
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Perlick "Perlick 630" Stainless Faucet:

Single Stainless Tower :

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This starter kits provides all the necessary hardware to get you your first draft tap. Items included are:

19L Soda Keg (used Ball Lock Pepsi keg)

New O-ring Kit

CO2 Dual Gauge Regulator

Krome Draft Faucet (Perlick 630 Stainless Faucet is optional)

Plastic Tap Handle

4-1/8" Shank

Tail Piece/Washer/Nut

5ft of both 1/4"(Gas) and 3/16"(Liquid) tubing

(1) Liquid and (1) Gas Ball Lock Tank Connectors

Faucet Wrench

Note: A source of CO2 is required and not included with this item. CO2 refills may not be available in some smaller towns. It is advised that you research your area and determine if CO2 is available. Typical suppliers are; Welding Supplies, Beverage Supplies, Fire and Safey Supplies, Paint Ball Shops and Dive Shops.  Be sure to ask if they refill on site, otherwise your tank could disappear for a week or two. If that's the case then renting a tank may be a better option.

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