Gelatin 1oz

Gelatin 1oz
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Gelatin can be used to clarify your beer and make it just as clear as commercial beer!  The procedure is simple and will not impact the flavor and aroma of the finished beer, just the clarity.  There are many ways to use the gelatin but here is our preferred method for a 5 Gallon Batch:

1. Cold crash your beer in the fermenter to  if that is available to you (might have to do this 12-24 hr ahead of adding the gelatin).

2. Heat 100-125ml of water in the microwave until the water temperature reaches 145-150 degrees F

3. Drop in 1/2 tsp of gelatin and stir to dissolve it into the water

4. Pour the gelatin solution into your fermenter and keep the beer cold for 24-48hrs

You can do this in the keg as well but your first couple of pours will be all the sediment that the gelatin drops out of solution. 

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