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Escarpment Labs - Arset Kveik Blend
This kveik yeast was sourced from Jakob Årset, on the farm Årset in Eidsdal, Norway. The overall fla..
Escarpment Labs - Cali Ale
An exceptionally versatile ale yeast, suitable for nearly any style. Clean fermentation at a wide te..
Escarpment Labs - Ebbegarden Kveik Blend
This kveik yeast blend from Stordal was sourced from Jens Aage Øvrebust. This blend displays promine..
Escarpment Labs - English Ale I
A classic English ale yeast, fermenting and flocculating quickly, leaving residual sugars and accent..
Escarpment Labs - Foggy London Ale
This yeast strain was originally isolated from a brewery in London. It displays a balanced fruity fl..
Escarpment Labs - Goldrush Lager
This lager strain is able to ferment at steamier temperatures than many lager strains, yet it still ..
Escarpment Labs - Hornindal Kveik Blend
A great example of what the Norwegian Kveik family of yeasts can do! This is a selection of two of o..
Escarpment Labs - Irish Ale
Irish ale yeast from a classic brewery, producing slight fruitiness and caramel notes. Great for Iri..
Escarpment Labs - Kolsch Ale
This balanced and clean ale yeast is of course great for Altbier and Kölsch production, but also for..
Escarpment Labs - Laerdal Kveik
This single-strain isolate from the Lærdal Kveik (sourced from Dagfinn Wendelbo) ferments fast (like..
Escarpment Labs - Marina Russian Farmhouse
While not technically kveik, this S. cerevisiae strain from deep in Chuvashia in Russia is quite uni..
Escarpment Labs - Skare Kveik
The Skare Kveik (sourced from Gunnar Skare; actually pronounced "scar-uh") has gained a reputation i..
Escarpment Labs - Tormadgarden Kveik Blend
This kveik was sourced from Sigurd Johan Saure, who is the founder of Kveik Training, which offers a..
Escarpment Labs - Vermont Ale
This high-character American ale yeast produces hop-accentuating fruity esters, accentuating stone f..
Escarpment Labs - Voss Kveik
One of the most famous Norwegian Kveik yeasts. This is a single strain selected from Sigmund Gjernes..
Escarpment Labs - Weizen I
The classic German Hefeweizen strain, with ample potential to create the characteristic clove and ba..
Stir Plate 2L Flask and DME
A large strong yeast colony is the key to a complete fermentation. Here's a Starter Kit to get you g..
Stir Plate 5L Flask and DME
A large strong yeast colony is the key to a complete fermentation. This Starter Kit will allow you t..
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WLN1000 Yeast Nutrient
Used to increase the health of yeast. Improves fermentation and re-pitching performance. Contains di..
WLN4000 Clarity-Ferm / Brewers Clarex - 10mL
Chill haze in beer results from the precipitation of complexed polyphenols and proteins during cold ..
WLN4100 Ultra-Ferm - 10mL
Amyloglucosidase for ethanol or dry beer production. Eliminates residual sugars, both for product..
WLP001 California Ale Yeast
This yeast is famous for its clean flavors, balance and ability to be used in almost any style ale. ..
WLP004 Irish Ale Yeast
This is the yeast from one of the oldest stout producing breweries in the world. It produces a sligh..
WLP013 London Ale Yeast
Dry, malty ale yeast. Provides a complex, oakey ester character to your beer. Hop bitterness comes t..
WLP028 Edinburgh Scottish Ale Yeast
Scotland is famous for its malty, strong ales. This yeast can reproduce complex, flavorful Scottish ..
WLP041 Pacific Ale Yeast
A popular ale yeast from the Pacific Northwest. The yeast will clear from the beer well, and leave a..
WLP051 California V Yeast
From Northern California. This strain is more fruity than WLP001, and slightly more flocculant. Atte..
WLP066 London Fog Ale Yeast
This strain is a great choice for New England-style IPAs. It produces a medium-ester profile similar..
WLP090 San Diego Super Strain Yeast
A super clean, super-fast fermenting strain. A low ester-producing strain that results in a balanced..
WLP300 Hefeweizen Yeast
This famous German yeast is a strain used in the production of traditional, authentic wheat beers. I..