Malts and Grains for all your Beer Brewing needs.

A full selection of fresh Base Malts and Specialty Malts to choose from.

We grind the grain to order to keep it as fresh as possible!



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Melanoidin Malt 22-30L
A specially roasted malt used to enhance flavor fullness, and impart a reddish-amber color to Munich..
Munich Malt 10L
This plump, sweet, mellow Munich is designed to produce amber beers or traditional Munich-style beer..
Munich Malt 30-37L
A deeply kilned Munich malt with the color and flavor characteristics of a roasted malt and the mell..
Oat Malt (TF&S)
Thomas Fawcett & Sons Oat Malt (1.5-3°L)  Oat malt adds texture and a warm, gariny ..
Pale Chocolate Malt 185-250L
Less highly-roasted than regular chocolate malt. Adds color and a mild chocolate/coffee flavor to da..
Pilsner Malt
Gambrinus Pilsen (1.3-1.8°L)  An excellent choice for brewing light lagers and Pilsner type be..
Pilsner Malt 55LB Sack
A German base malt for use in Pilsners and Lager. Available by the lb or in 55lb sacks. ..
Roasted Barley Malt 500L
This malt will lend a deep dark colour and a sharp dry flavour. ..
Rye Malt
Will add a dry spicy note to your finished beer. Best used in small quantities (less than 15%) to av..
Rye Malt (50lb Sack)
Will add a dry spicy note to your finished beer. Best used in small quantities (less than 15%) to av..
Smoked Malt
Best Smoked Malt has been smoked over Beech wood. It will deliver the typical "Bamberg" smoked flavo..
Victory Malt 28L
Victory® Malt is a truly unique malt that many brewers incorporate in many beer styles. A speci..
Vienna Malt
Higher kilning temperatures give this malt its deep golden color and strong malt flavor. Can be used..
Wheat Malt
This plump, traditionally European, malted soft winter wheat can be used in wheat beers for up to 80..