Organic Malts/Hops

Organic Malts and Hops to brew organic at home.

The organic malt is from Gambrinus in Armstrong, BC.

The organic hops are from Harvesters of Organic Hops (HOOH) in Lillooet, BC.

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Organic 2 Row Pale Malt (Gambrinus)
Gambrinus Organic 2 Row Pale Malt(1.8-2.8°L)  An excellent certified organic base malt ..
Organic Centennial - 2oz - Pellets
CENTENNIAL 9-11% Bittering Aroma   Certified oragnic hops from HOOH in Lillooet, BC. Packaged..
Organic Crystal Malt 40L (Great Western)
Great Western Organic Crystal 40L Malt (40°L)  Crystal 40 adds a sweet, medium caramel flavo..
Organic Munich Malt 10L (Gambrinus)
Gambrinus Organic Munich 10L (9.5-10.5°L)  This plump, sweet, mellow certified organic Munic..
Organic Pilsner Malt (Gambrinus)
Gambrinus Organic Pilsen (1.3-1.8°L)  An excellent choice for brewing light lagers and Pilsner..
Organic Wheat Malt (Gambrinus) *Out of Stock*
Gambrinus Organic Wheat Malt (1.8-2.8°L)  This plump, traditionally European, malted so..