Basic 1 Gallon Starter Kit

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Our Basic 1 Gallon Starter Kit has all the hardware you need to brew your first 1 Gallon All Grain batch of beer. This kit uses a 5L borosilacate flask for fermentation and can be re-used as a yeast starter flask if you decide to move to 5 Gallon or larger batches in the future.

Items included
5L Borosilicate Flask
#12 Stopper with hole
3 pc. Air Lock
Digital Thermometer
Siphon Rod
3ft Siphon Hose
Hose Pinch Clamp
24" x 24" Nylon Grain Bag
1 All Grain 1 Gallon kit of your choice!
Bottle Capper with 25 Bottle Caps
Items required but not included:
2.5G (10L) or larger Pot
Clean bottles for 1 gallon [3.79L] of beer

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