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All Grain Kits (1 Gallon)

Our "All Grain" beer kits are proven recipes that are simply delicious. Assembly with the freshest malts and hops to produce a Home brewed beer that is competition worthy. Each ingredient kit comes with ground base and speciality malts, hops, yeast and their recipe. Kit yields 1 Gallon (3.79 Liters)  of beer.  Remember to send us a review on our Beer recipes, always like to hear back from our Brewers.  

We are in the process of converting our 5 Gallon recipes over to 1 Gallon so if there is one that isn't converted yet let us know and we'll get right on it!

(Note: All-Grain beer kits require a mashing and boiling process)


►IMPORTANT=  If selecting Liquid Yeast for Kits check stock on Liquid Yeast FIRST as the Liquid Yeast stock changes often and does not update the All Grain Kits optional yeast stock.

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Anchor Steam Ale (Clone) - 1 Gallon
This San Francisco Classic is well know for its deep amber colour, it's thick creamy head, rich flav..
Our Basic 1 Gallon Starter Kit has all the hardware you need to brew your first All Grain batch..
Cauldron Cream Ale - 1 Gallon
Cauldron Cream Ale This Cream Ale was developed in the Cauldrons of the great brew masters in d..
Fat Tug (clone) IPA - 1 Gallon
Fat Tug (clone) IPA v1.2 Fat Tug from Driftwood Brewery on Vancouver Island is a very drin..
Hop Dawgs Oatmeal Stout - 1 Gallon
Hop Dawgs Oatmeal Stout This recipe is between a sweet and a dry Stout. Has the single dark gra..
Mosaic Double IPA - 1 Gallon
Mosaic Double IPA  Beers just keep getting bigger and bigger. This IPA recipe is big ..
Oh So Special Bitter - 1 Gallon
Oh So Special Bitter [4.6% | 31 IBU | 7 SRM] Bitter is the English term for pale ale.  Bit..
Red Racer IPA (Clone) - 1 Gallon
Red Racer IPA (clone) After countless requests for this recipe I went to work refining a clone...
Rickards White (Clone) - 1 Gallon
Rickards White Clone White Ales or Wheat Ales are this years most popular trend. This White Ale..
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (Clone)  - 1 Gallon
The Sierria Nevada Pale Ale is the king of the craft brews. Lots of clone recipes have circulated ov..
Simcoe Sensation IPA - 1 Gallon
Simcoe Sensation IPA This incredible IPA is bursting with Citrus aroma and flavour. The Simcoe ..