Oh So Special Bitter - 1 Gallon

Oh So Special Bitter - 1 Gallon
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Oh So Special Bitter [4.6% | 31 IBU | 7 SRM]

Bitter is the English term for pale ale.  Bitters can range anywhere from 3% to 7% in strength and from gold to dark amber in colour. Oh So Special Bitter is near the lighter end on both scales and this allows it to be a quaffable drink.

Makes 1 Gallon (3.79L) of finished beer.

Basic Instructions: CLICK HERE


ESB Malt  
Carastan 35L  
Brown Malt  
EK Goldings (UK)  
Safale S-04 (optional WLP002/Wyeast 1968 English Ale yeast can be selected above) 


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