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Pumpkin Patch Ale (All Grain Kit)

Pumpkin Patch Ale (All Grain Kit)
Product Code: Pumpkin Patch Ale (All Grain)
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This pumpkin ale was designed to be brewed with or without pumpkin puree and still wind up with a great pumpkin spiced amber ale. The spice is subtle and will please all beer drinkers with it's aroma and flavor. Magnum hops create a nice bitterness with cascade added at the end for a little hoppyness to go along with the pumpkin spice.

Basic instructions: CLICK HERE

Ingredients include:
Pale Malt
Crystal 40
Chocolate Malt
(optional 2 cans of Pumpkin Puree and Rice Hulls)
Pumpkin Spice Mix (Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg, All-spice)
US-05 Dry Yeast (optional WLP001 California Ale yeast can be selected above)


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