All Grain Kits (5 Gallon)


Our "All Grain" beer kits are proven recipes that are simply delicious. Assembly with the freshest malts and hops to produce a Home brewed beer that is competition worthy. Each ingredient kit comes with ground base and speciality malts, hops, yeast and their recipe. Kit yields 20 Liters of beer.  Remember to send us a review on our Beer recipes, always like to hear back from our Brewers.

(Note: All-Grain beer kits require a mashing and boiling process)


►IMPORTANT=  If selecting Liquid Yeast for Kits check stock on Liquid Yeast FIRST as the Liquid Yeast stock changes often and does not update the All Grain Kits optional yeast stock.


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Pumpkin Patch Ale (All Grain Kit)
This pumpkin ale was designed to be brewed with or without pumpkin puree and still wind up with a gr..
Rama Damn-a Amber Ale (All Grain Kit)
Rama Damn-a Amber Ale Is it a Red? Is it and Amber? Damned if I know. However I do know for sur..
Based on 1 reviews.
Red Racer IPA (Clone)  All Grain Kit
Red Racer IPA (clone) After countless requests for this recipe I went to work refining a clone...
Based on 4 reviews.
Rickards White (Clone) All Grain Kit
Rickards White Clone White Ales or Wheat Ales are this years most popular trend. This White Ale..
Based on 3 reviews.
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (Clone)  All Grain Kit
The Sierria Nevada Pale Ale is the king of the craft brews. Lots of clone recipes have circulated ov..
Based on 1 reviews.
Simcoe Sensation IPA (All Grain Kit)
Simcoe Sensation IPA This incredible IPA is bursting with Citrus aroma and flavour. The Simcoe ..
Based on 1 reviews.
The Dawg's California Common (All Grain kit)
The Dawg's California Common How such an extrodinary beer style could be considered "Common" is..
Traditional Ale "Trad" (Clone) All Grain Kit
Traditional Ale (clone) This recipe is modelled after the popular Ale from Big Rock. It's mello..
Vienna Lager (All Grain Kit)
Vienna Lager This is a traditional Vienna Lager and is best if lagered. Lots of malty flavour w..
Watermelon Ale (All Grain Kit)
Watermelon Ale Watermelon Ale is a great refreshing sipper. Popular with all types of..