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Bag-O-Beer Kit Instructions


Bag-O-Beer Kit Instructions

Minimum Equipment Needed:

-          Brew Pail or 23L Carboy

-          Airlock

-          Siphon Rod & Hose

-          Bottles and caps or “Grolsch style” swing top bottles or keg

-          Sanitizer (Star San, Sani-Brew, bleach reduction or Oxy-Clean solution)

-          40L pot (it requires a substantial heat source to boil 30L of liquid. Typically a propane burner is used)

-          Mash Tun or Large Strainer Bag

-          Floating Thermometer or Food Thermometer

-          Hydrometer

(The Bag-o-Beer Kits are an “All-Grain Kit” and are intended for the “more committed” brewer. It should be noted that the process requires approximately 5hrs to complete and may require hardware in addition to the basics listed above)


Brew in a Bag Steps:

1.       Clean and prepare your brewing space and equipment.

2.       Bring a pot containing 30L of water up to 160F then place the bag of add crushed grains into the pot. Maintain temperature close to 150-155F or as directed by recipe for 60  minutes. Stir grains frequently.

3.       Remove the bag and gently squeeze out the remaining liquid (wort).

4.       You should now have 24-25L of wort. Bring to boil.

5.       Once boiling, add hops as the recipe specifies. (Note: if hops are marked with 60 minutes it means they boil for 60 minutes. If hops are marked with 10 minutes it means 10 minutes remaining to boil and so on).

6.       Take note of the recipe and make your additions according to the time on the recipe.

7.       At 0 minutes you can turn the burner off and begin cooling the wort.

8.       It’s at this point where it’s important to guard against infection. Cover the pot with a lid to guard against nasties getting in the wort.

9.        It’s important to cool the wort as quick as possible. A tub of ice water works but a wort chiller in the form of an immersion chiller or plate chiller is ideal (snow banks don’t work as well as you might think).

10.   Once the wort is between 65F and 75F you can siphon it into your pail or carboy (make sure that everything that contacts the cool wort is sanitized (siphon hose and rod, carboy, pail, spoons, thermometers).  (Tip: Cap the carboy or pail and shake it vigorously for 60 seconds. This will re-introduce oxygen back into the wort. Injecting pure oxygen is the ideal method).

11.   Take a hydrometer reading and compare with the target Original Gravity of the recipe.

12.   Re-hydrate the yeast per the manufactures instructions (on packet) prior to adding it to the cooled wort. (Be sure your “yeast jar” is sanitized. Also sanitize the yeast packet with some rubbing alcohol. I even wipe the scissors with alcohol).

13.   Pour yeast slurry into the wort and put an airlock on it.

14.   Allow to ferment at a temperature near 67F for 21 days. Once complete, siphon your new beer into primed bottles. Allow 7-10 days to carbonate at room temperature.

15.   Enjoy.

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