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Adjustable Pressure Relief Valve 0-15psi (Spunding)
Adjustable pressure relief valve (spunding valve) with a 0-15psi gauge.  Used for releasin..
Adjustable Pressure Relief Valve 0-60psi (Spunding)
Adjustable pressure relief valve (spunding valve) with a 0-60psi gauge.  Used for releasin..
Corny Keg Carbonating Lid
This is a New Carbonating Lid with Ball Lock Plug for your Cornelius or Firestone Kegs. It..
Diamond Dry Lager Yeast *BB 9/2018*
*Dry Yeast remains viable for a year past the Best Before date.  After that cell counts begin t..
CAD$5.25 CAD$2.99
FastFerment Conical Kit
The FastFerment Conical Kit includes the following items: 1.      One 7...
CAD$129.99 CAD$109.99
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Safale Yeast S-04 *BB 07/2018*
A well known English ale strain noted for its fast fermentation and rapid settling. Used in the prod..
CAD$4.25 CAD$2.49
Saflager Yeast S-23 *BB Nov 2018*
Originating from the famous Vlb institute in Germany, true lager yeast capable of producing continen..
WLP090 San Diego Super Strain Yeast *BB Nov 30-18*
A super clean, super-fast fermenting strain. A low ester-producing strain that results in a balanced..
CAD$9.49 CAD$5.99