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2 Row Pale Malt (Gambrinus) 55LB Sack
An excellent base malt for brewing all grain beers. Of the barley varieties grown in the western pra..
CAD$46.00 CAD$40.00
Based on 2 reviews.
Diamond Dry Lager Yeast
Diamond Lager yeast is a true lager strain originating in Germany. Chosen for its robust character, ..
CAD$5.25 CAD$4.25
Safale Yeast S-04
A well known English ale strain noted for its fast fermentation and rapid settling. Used in the prod..
CAD$4.25 CAD$3.19
WLP545 Belgian Strong Ale Yeast *BB Apr 28/18*
From the Ardennes region of Belgium, this classic yeast strain produces moderate levels of ester and..
CAD$9.49 CAD$6.99
Wyeast 1275 Thames Valley Ale *BB July 18-18*
This strain produces classic British bitters with a rich, complex flavor profile. The yeast has a li..
CAD$9.99 CAD$5.99
Wyeast 1968 London ESB Ale *BB July 17-18*
A very good cask conditioned ale strain, this extremely flocculant yeast produces distinctly malty b..
CAD$9.99 CAD$5.99