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The TrübTrapper

The TrübTrapper
The TrübTrapper
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The TrübTrapper is a beer homebrewing boil kettle filtration system designed to capture the trub in your boil kettle, and keep this unwanted material out of your fermenter, and your beer. It’s incredibly easy to use, just place it in the bottom of your boil kettle and include a post-boil whirlpool step. That’s it!

Just place the TrübTrapper in the bottom of your kettle so your dip tube is outside the ring before you fill your boil kettle and then whirlpool post-boil. That’s it. The high temperature soft silicone gasket and overall weight of the TrübTrapper keep it in place. No need to reposition, actuate, or try and unclog, anything. Place it, boil, whirlpool, drain. Easy.

Clean the TrübTrapper immediately after use by back flushing generously with hot water, then follow your normal cleaning process.

– Sized for 10 and 15 gallon kettles
– Dimensions – 9” DIA x 2.7” HGT
– Passivated stainless steel body
– Food grade silicone gaskets capable of temps to 600F
– FDA / BfR (EC) compliant materials and construction

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